In a crystal paved nutshell, Sparkle & The Sinner is that friend who wants to roll around in glitter in her birthday suit, be blasted with a confetti cannon at point blank range and was probably a trinket-possessed pirate in her past life with a gold encrusted eye patch and matching hook.

We love jewelry so much we would ingest it if we could. This ‘mild’ obsession has led us down countless highstreets, crowded bazaars and dodgy alleyways around the world in search of jewelry that makes our toes curl – the more we get, the more we want.

So, if you’re nodding while reading this, with eyes bigger than J.Lo’s hoops, perhaps even drooling a little, then you get the addiction. Now go get your fix, our treasures are extremely limited in stock!


Every iridescent creation that we showcase on Sparkle & The Sinner is a find that will give you the feels and trigger a conversation.

Devilishly limited to one or two pieces per item, and accessible for the first time in the Middle East, you’ll never have to share the limelight with another fellow sparkler again.

Intricately handcrafted with gold or silver plating, our curated collections are set with ethically-sourced semi-precious gems and freshwater pearls, making them aesthetically exquisite, long-lasting and affordable.

No more agonizing over which sparkling treat you can or can’t have; you can blissfully give in to temptation every time!


Bathing in orbz

Anahita Kheder
Founder & Chief Curator of Sparkle & The Sinner

Diving into a glittering pool of tiny shiny colorful objects is at the top of Ana’s bucket list, it’s also repeated every so often the further down you go. As you can see, she’s ticked the item off at least once.

Ana’s relationship with jewelry can only be explained as biological – elevated heart rate, dilated pupils, salivation – it’s frankly unsettling.

It was only a matter of time before this self-professed magpie succumbed and took a bite out of the proverbial, and likely, bejeweled apple to share her obsession with other fellow magpies and sparkle seekers out there.