Have you planned and bought all your Christmas presents in advance or are you a last-minute panic shopper? If you’re a planner, these tips will help you pick beautiful and meaningful jewelry that show your friends and family how much you love them. And if you’re a procrastinator, then you can jump straight to the cart and thank your lucky stars we have express delivery to save you from becoming a social outcast! 

Buy jewelry for them and not for you

We’ve all been there, looking at rows and rows of handcrafted jewelry and we reach for the one that we absolutely love. Rookie mistake! While the gift of giving does make you feel great, this is not about you! So don’t reach for what you would wear, think about who you’re gifting and what they would wear. Are they into minimalist styles or is eccentric and bold more their thing? Are they breezy and bohemian or are they all about the glam? If you haven’t been paying attention to their wardrobe, this is when social media stalking comes to your aid! 

Set yourself a gift budget 

Buying multiple Christmas presents can take a toll on your bank balance, so save yourself the post-purchase remorse by deciding on a budget before you shop for a gift. Don’t fall for ‘the bigger the tag, the better the present’ trap. You can get a stunning piece of demi-fine jewelry for just AED105! Buying gold-plated jewelry means they can enjoy it for much luced costume jewelry. Best of all, it’s also kind to your wallet.

Make your gift meaningful

Your gift can say a lot about your relationship. You can express your love for someone with heart-shaped jewelry. Gift jewelry that has a loved one’s birthstone on it to make it more intimate. Buy your friends shell jewelry to remind them of the fun you have together at the beach. It could even be as simple as jewelry in their favorite color. And finally, add that personal touch with a handwritten card, hide it where you first met or splash out on an engraving.



Now that you’re better equipped to add Christmas jewelry gifts to your cart, browse our trendy bracelets, unique handmade rings, statement necklaces and buy pearl earrings online for the special women in your life. Enjoy adding a little sparkle to your life and the ones you love. Merry Christmas!

December 22, 2021 — Sparkleandthesinner

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