Perhaps, like us, you knew very early on in life that you were sparkle obsessed or maybe you were a late bling bloomer. No matter what luminous life cycle you find yourself in, it always helps to get top tips on which accessories to wear with what, how to make your jewelry work for you and which styles suit you best. It’s even better when the tips come from bona fide jewelry designers!


This tip is the G.O.A.T. because we love nothing more than piling on jewelry. Thankfully you can easily do that with affordable luxury accessories. It works especially well with rings, allowing you to explore a number of new and varied looks with the same selection. Katy Valentine suggests wearing several rings together to create a richer expression of color and beauty. It doesn’t end there! If you’re blessed with multiple piercings, there’s nothing stopping you from applying the same idea to your earrings.

Two hands stacked with multiple Katy Valentine rings on multiple fingers in gold with blue black and rose semi-precious stones and crystals  Mayol rectangle gold ring with smiley face engraving on woman’s index finger at beach & rectangle gold ring with MTV logo engraving on middle finger  Woman wearing 3 stacked Katy Valentine drop earrings. First with triangular green onyx stone, second with pink tourmaline stone and third with black stone.
Left to right:
Katy Valetine’s colorful assorted rings are perfect for stacking on every finger.
Have fun stacking chunky 80s pop-culture inspired MTV and Dude rings by Mayol.
Add more dimension to your look by stacking colorful earrings by Katy Valentine.


Take the obsession up a notch and layer your bangles, bracelets and necklaces! Throw together your delicate cuffs or wear them bold and proud. Experiment with contrasting necklace lengths to jazz up an ordinary outfit like Mayol loves to do. If you’re too nervous about making a faux pas, grab a necklace that’s already layered and take the hassle out of the equation.

Woman in white top wearing 3 Mayol necklaces. Gold choker, medium length link gold chain with blue glass heart pendant & long twisted gold chain.  Woman’s hand wearing gold Katy Valentine ring with round labradorite on middle finger, open bangle & bracelet with rose crystal on same wrist  Woman in white blouse wearing Shelly Dahari three-layered necklace with gold link chains drop crystal shell pearl bead and gold charms.
Left to right:
Boldly layer like no woman has layered before with multi-length Mayol necklaces.
Who says cuffs and bracelets don’t go together? These elegant Katy Valentine pieces beg to differ.
Let the experts do your stacking with this Shelly Dahari necklace of freshwater pearls, shells and crystals.


When we asked Shelly Dahari for jewelry advice, she pointed us to her versatile White Shell Necklace-Bracelet. Why? Because it goes beautifully with a pantsuit for the office and just as perfectly with a cocktail dress. You can also get plenty of mileage out of it as a necklace and a bracelet, making it a great example of essential demi-fine jewelry. Now statement pieces on the other hand should be worn more selectively as they tend to steal the limelight from your outfit. So, if you want to elevate a plain t-shirt and jeans or make that little black dress pop, then your bet is on something flamboyant and distinctive.

Woman in white blouse wearing short gold chain necklace beaded with shells with gold coin and acorn charms hanging from front clasp Hand holding handbag wearing gold chain bracelet beaded with shells wrapped around wrist with gold coin and acorn charms hanging from front clasp   2.	Woman in cream low cut blouse wearing short necklace made of thick beige linked acrylic loops with gold front clasp with hanging pearl charms   1.	Hand holding necklace with rows of alternating gold, clear and turquoise blue beads in a rectangular arrangement with turquoise blue tassel fringe hanging from it
Left to right:
Get more bang for your buck with this bracelet slash necklace combo from Shelly Dahari.
Go bold or go home with a sophisticated Shelly Dahari classic.
Tassels and sparkles, this Mimi Scholer fringed necklace has all the makings of a statement piece.
December 20, 2021 — Sparkle & CO FZ LLC


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