How to pick the perfect Christmas jewelry gift

How to pick the perfect Christmas jewelry gift

Have you planned and bought all your Christmas presents in advance or are you a last-minute panic shopper? If you’re a planner, these tips will help you pick beautiful and meaningful jewelry that show your friends and family how much you love them. And if you’re a procrastinator, then you can jump straight to the cart and thank your lucky stars we have express delivery to save you from becoming a social outcast! 

Buy jewelry for them and not for you

We’ve all been there, looking at rows and rows of handcrafted jewelry and we reach for the one that we absolutely love. Rookie mistake! While the gift of giving does make you feel great, this is not about you! So don’t reach for what you would wear, think about who you’re gifting and what they would wear. Are they into minimalist styles or is eccentric and bold more their thing? Are they breezy and bohemian or are they all about the glam? If you haven’t been paying attention to their wardrobe, this is when social media stalking comes to your aid! 

Set yourself a gift budget 

Buying multiple Christmas presents can take a toll on your bank balance, so save yourself the post-purchase remorse by deciding on a budget before you shop for a gift. Don’t fall for ‘the bigger the tag, the better the present’ trap. You can get a stunning piece of demi-fine jewelry for just AED105! Buying gold-plated jewelry means they can enjoy it for much luced costume jewelry. Best of all, it’s also kind to your wallet.

Make your gift meaningful

Your gift can say a lot about your relationship. You can express your love for someone with heart-shaped jewelry. Gift jewelry that has a loved one’s birthstone on it to make it more intimate. Buy your friends shell jewelry to remind them of the fun you have together at the beach. It could even be as simple as jewelry in their favorite color. And finally, add that personal touch with a handwritten card, hide it where you first met or splash out on an engraving.



Now that you’re better equipped to add Christmas jewelry gifts to your cart, browse our trendy bracelets, unique handmade rings, statement necklaces and buy pearl earrings online for the special women in your life. Enjoy adding a little sparkle to your life and the ones you love. Merry Christmas!

December 22, 2021 — Sparkleandthesinner
Mette-Marit Crown Princess of Norway wearing Mimi Scholer Beige Fringes Earrings

Fringe Jewelry: A Royal Trend

Princess of Norway Mette-Marit wearing Mimi Scholer beige fringe tassel earrings

Princess of Norway, Mette-Marit, stealing the limelight with her tasseled earrings

When news of Mette-Marit, Crown Princess and heir apparent to the throne of Norway, hit the press wearing Mimi Scholer’s Fringe Earrings, we were over the moon. It’s so refreshing to see royals mixing up their sparkle repertoire with demi-fine jewelry that’s awe-inspiring yet affordable. Just goes to show that not all statement pieces need to be gilded with 24k gold and encrusted in precious stones for them to shine at a stately affair. 



Mimi Scholer beige color fringe tassel earrings with 18 karat gold plated earwires


Grab your own pair of stunning Mimi Scholer Fringes Earrings

These fantastically tasseled handmade luxury earrings made their royal debut at the Prime Minister’s birthday party no less. If that’s not a conversation starter for your next soirée, we don’t know what is! Not everyone can say they have something in common with a bona fide princess, so don’t miss out on the opportunity to grab your very own paparazzi-worthy pair. If it’s grand enough for royalty, it’s certainly grand enough for us.
Woman wearing black fringe tassel earrings with 18 karat gold plated earwires

Dress up a plain outfit with this statement pair 

December 20, 2021 — Sparkle & CO FZ LLC
Woman wearing thick gold chain link Mayol necklace with a large blue Murano glass heart with gold strands

Spring/Summer 2021 Jewelry Trends

If you are a bona fide sparkle addict, then you’ll know how difficult it is to select the prefect piece of jewelry online in the UAE with all the options out there – especially when you want them ALL. Which is why it helps to know which trends are on their way out and which ones are going to put you on top of your sparkle influencer game. Here’s a look at what’s hot on the runways this Spring/Summer!

Paint a rainbow

We don’t know about you, but we’re still feeling the effects of the past year and then some. It’s high-time we added some color back into our lives with eye-catching handcrafted jewelry. And delicious juicy beads are the way a certified sparkle addict would do it! If it’s good enough for Versace & Valentino, it’s good enough for us, plus it makes our zoom meetings a heck of a lot snazzier.

Short tumbled turquoise necklace with baroque drop pearl and gold bar clasp by MayolWoman wearing large hoop earrings with 3 large bright orange beadsDangling earring made of gold, orange and green beads in a rectangular arrangement ending in seven gold leavesWoman in white sleeveless top wearing colorful beaded necklaces & sunglasses with sunglasses chain made of turquoise charoite beads, blue glass eyes and gold link chain attachments
Left to right:
It's a beach day every day with this turquoise/pearl combo
Add a pop of color to your day with a pair of juicy orange earrings
Channel that tropical holiday vibe to get you through your zooms
Bead up your sunglasses for that California chick look

Chain links

You don’t have to ask twice if you can chain us up. From chunky to delicate & from head to toe, this trend has been a constant throughout collections. Take a page out of the bejeweled books of Louis Vuitton & Hermès and even Posh Spice – that’s Victoria Beckham for you kids!
Long gold thick link chain necklace by MayolWoman wearing thick gold link chain Mayol necklace with large blue Murano glass heart with gold strandsGold chain link anklet with extendable claspGold chain link bracelet with bar clasp and drop pearl and gold disc charm by Shelly Dahari

Left to right:
Go bold, go gold with a thick chain link necklace
Set your heart on a chunky gold & Murano beauty
Why not wear the trend from head to toe with a chain link anklet
Blend two trends into one with this chic bracelet

Silver sparkles

Gold has had the limelight for a while, but it looks like silver is making a comeback and not a minute too soon! Chloé & Louis Vuitton are all for slapping thick sterling chain links on your wrists, but why stop there? Extend your silver streak to chunky hoops & layered necklaces.

Chunky silver Shelly Dahari hoop earrings  Woman wearing cream shirt and jeans with a three layered silver Shelly Dahari necklace with drop charm and shell beadsThree layered silver Shelly Dahari necklace with drop charm and shell beads  Double layered silver necklace with several drop charms made of Swarovski crystals, pearls & acrylic

Left to right:
Can we hear a Hoop! Hoop! for these sterling earrings?
Dress up a simple outfit with a perfectly layered silver necklace
Crystals, pearls & chain links, this silver beauty ticks all the boxes

Mismatched & Mixed up

Sounds like everyone’s state of mind last year, which may be why it’s being expressed on the runways today. Valentino & Ulla Johnson have tossed paired earrings out the window and are hailing the asymmetrical look. While Dior & Zimmermann are going ga-ga for mixed-media collectible jewelry with shells, stones & coins – you know, the stuff you collect on the beach!

Three layered gold chain link necklace with several shell, pearl and crystal charms  Asymmetrical gold Mayol earrings, one with blue eye Murano heart drop & the other with stacked porcelain bead and pearl drop  Two layered long gold chain necklace with gold disc & aqua stone drop pendant and charms  Large gold Mayol hoop earrings with zircon & Swarovski shell charms

Left to right:
Another wicked piece that combines all the current trends into one
Make a statement with vibrant asymmetrical earrings
A refined take on mixed-media jewelry
Take that beach bliss with you everywhere you go

Pile on the pearls

And last, but not least, the ever-chic timeless classic – Ze Pearl! From prim and proper to perfectly imperfect, this trend has been huge and is still going strong. We love it on our ears, as neck candy, on our wrists and feet – and don’t have to worry about getting them wet. The perfect summer beach accessory if you ask us.

Gold earrings with irregular pearl drops  Woman wearing pearl earrings, bracelets and necklacesGold anklet with irregular pearl charms and a green heart Murano drop pendantWoman wearing a short pearl necklace with a red and green Murano cherry drop pendant
Left to right:
A modern twist on a classic with misshapen freshwater pearls
More is more this season when it comes to pearls
Dress up your feet with beach-worthy bling you can comfortably get wet
Add a touch of class & joie de vivre to your outfit with a playful cherry pearl duet

Now that know what to look for on the Dubai online jewelry scene, there’s no time to waste. Add our trendy sparkles to your cart and enjoy free next day delivery in the UAE. The best part is, you can get all these wicked haute couture looks for high street prices.

December 20, 2021 — Sparkle & CO FZ LLC
Greek Earth Goddess, Gaea. Art by Cristina McAllister.

Our Top 5 inspirational women

It’s Women’s History month, and as much as we admire the pioneering women that came before us, we thought we’d shine a light on inspirational women in the history of mythology. After all, every great movement or creation was once just a figment of the imagination. Here are the top five mythical women that speak to our inner goddess!


Hel Norse Goddess art by Hannah Boeving

Norse Goddess, Hel. Art by Hannah Boeving.

Let’s dive straight in with one of the most badass deities on our list. We think it’s epic that Hell was named after a woman – the Norse goddess of the underworld, Hel. You know what they say about a woman scorned. So, the next time you tell your sleazy boss or cheating boyfriend to go to hell, you know a divine sister and her army of dead have got your back.


Egyptian Cat Goddess, Bastet. Art by Emily Balivet.

Egyptian Cat Goddess, Bastet. Art by Emily Balivet.

We need to set something straight for the record. Sparkles have always been at the top of our list of obsessions, a close second is cats. More specifically, being a cat – complete with a phantom tail. So, when we came across the bejeweled cat goddess Bastet, the Ancient Egyptian goddess of sensual pleasure, fertility and health, our obsession finally made sense!


Mayan Cacao Goddess, Ixcacao. Art by Jan Betts.

Mayan Cacao Goddess, Ixcacao. Art by Jan Betts.

Every 28 days or so, this epic Mayan and Meso-American goddess becomes our lady and savior. You may have guessed it from her name, she is the deliciously divine goddess of chocolate (pause for ululation). Not just the Cacao Woman, she also presides over fertility and agriculture – but it’s the chocolate that has us hooked.


White Buffalo Calf Woman. Art by Barbara Brown.

White Buffalo Calf Woman. Art by Barbara Brown.

We love this gentle Native American character, because anyone can be a badass, but it takes a special kind of person to be kind in this world. White Buffalo Calf Woman preaches harmony with the natural world, teaching us to love and care for wild animals, and reminds us that we all came from the same beginnings.


Greek Earth Goddess, Gaea. Art by Cristina McAllister.

Greek Earth Goddess, Gaea. Art by Cristina McAllister.

If Gaea is not a celebration of women, we don’t know what is. She’s not just the earth goddess in Greek mythology, but the actual Earth as well. Oh, and by the way, she also gave birth to the sky and the sea – you know in between climbing the deity ladder and getting her nails done. Mother of all that’s precious (literally), she’s a multi-tasking machine! Could there be a higher accolade? We think not. Go Gaea Power!

And that wraps up our list of powerful women for this year’s Women’s History Month. We hope you enjoyed our picks and the beautiful art presented here by talented women from around the globe. Hop on to our Instagram and let us know which one of our deities, and their equally impressive accessories, speaks to the goddess in you!

December 20, 2021 — Sparkle & CO FZ LLC
Mayol rectangle gold ring with smiley face engraving on woman’s index finger at beach & rectangle gold ring with MTV logo engraving on middle finger

Expert styling tips from our designers

Perhaps, like us, you knew very early on in life that you were sparkle obsessed or maybe you were a late bling bloomer. No matter what luminous life cycle you find yourself in, it always helps to get top tips on which accessories to wear with what, how to make your jewelry work for you and which styles suit you best. It’s even better when the tips come from bona fide jewelry designers!


This tip is the G.O.A.T. because we love nothing more than piling on jewelry. Thankfully you can easily do that with affordable luxury accessories. It works especially well with rings, allowing you to explore a number of new and varied looks with the same selection. Katy Valentine suggests wearing several rings together to create a richer expression of color and beauty. It doesn’t end there! If you’re blessed with multiple piercings, there’s nothing stopping you from applying the same idea to your earrings.

Two hands stacked with multiple Katy Valentine rings on multiple fingers in gold with blue black and rose semi-precious stones and crystals  Mayol rectangle gold ring with smiley face engraving on woman’s index finger at beach & rectangle gold ring with MTV logo engraving on middle finger  Woman wearing 3 stacked Katy Valentine drop earrings. First with triangular green onyx stone, second with pink tourmaline stone and third with black stone.
Left to right:
Katy Valetine’s colorful assorted rings are perfect for stacking on every finger.
Have fun stacking chunky 80s pop-culture inspired MTV and Dude rings by Mayol.
Add more dimension to your look by stacking colorful earrings by Katy Valentine.


Take the obsession up a notch and layer your bangles, bracelets and necklaces! Throw together your delicate cuffs or wear them bold and proud. Experiment with contrasting necklace lengths to jazz up an ordinary outfit like Mayol loves to do. If you’re too nervous about making a faux pas, grab a necklace that’s already layered and take the hassle out of the equation.

Woman in white top wearing 3 Mayol necklaces. Gold choker, medium length link gold chain with blue glass heart pendant & long twisted gold chain.  Woman’s hand wearing gold Katy Valentine ring with round labradorite on middle finger, open bangle & bracelet with rose crystal on same wrist  Woman in white blouse wearing Shelly Dahari three-layered necklace with gold link chains drop crystal shell pearl bead and gold charms.
Left to right:
Boldly layer like no woman has layered before with multi-length Mayol necklaces.
Who says cuffs and bracelets don’t go together? These elegant Katy Valentine pieces beg to differ.
Let the experts do your stacking with this Shelly Dahari necklace of freshwater pearls, shells and crystals.


When we asked Shelly Dahari for jewelry advice, she pointed us to her versatile White Shell Necklace-Bracelet. Why? Because it goes beautifully with a pantsuit for the office and just as perfectly with a cocktail dress. You can also get plenty of mileage out of it as a necklace and a bracelet, making it a great example of essential demi-fine jewelry. Now statement pieces on the other hand should be worn more selectively as they tend to steal the limelight from your outfit. So, if you want to elevate a plain t-shirt and jeans or make that little black dress pop, then your bet is on something flamboyant and distinctive.

Woman in white blouse wearing short gold chain necklace beaded with shells with gold coin and acorn charms hanging from front clasp Hand holding handbag wearing gold chain bracelet beaded with shells wrapped around wrist with gold coin and acorn charms hanging from front clasp   2.	Woman in cream low cut blouse wearing short necklace made of thick beige linked acrylic loops with gold front clasp with hanging pearl charms   1.	Hand holding necklace with rows of alternating gold, clear and turquoise blue beads in a rectangular arrangement with turquoise blue tassel fringe hanging from it
Left to right:
Get more bang for your buck with this bracelet slash necklace combo from Shelly Dahari.
Go bold or go home with a sophisticated Shelly Dahari classic.
Tassels and sparkles, this Mimi Scholer fringed necklace has all the makings of a statement piece.
December 20, 2021 — Sparkle & CO FZ LLC
•	Katy Valentine seen through old wooden doors sitting at a work bench in her showroom looking at her computer

Peep into Katy Valentine’s workshop

•	Katy Valentine seen through old wooden doors sitting at a work bench in her showroom looking at her computer

Katy Valentine working her magic in her cozy workshop

We’d like to pretend we’re above snooping, but who are we kidding? We love it! So, when Katy Valentine agreed to give us a tour, after incessant pestering on our part, we certainly couldn’t turn down the offer – that would be plain rude. So, while she sat sketching out her next masterpiece, we grabbed our cup of Rooibos and cheekily poked about.

•	Natural lit retail showroom with rings necklaces and earrings displayed on a central table surrounded by ethnic dresses in earthy colors

All of our favorite sparkles on display

Katy’s workshop in Johannesburg, South Africa doubles up as a showroom for her intricately handcrafted collections. Just like her jewelry, the space is tranquil and uplifting with beautiful soft touches dotted throughout. Striking indigenous protea flowers bloom in a vase, the aroma of ylang ylang fills the air and soothing music plays in the background, a contrasting respite from the vibrant ambience of the neighboring businesses.

•	Natural lit retail showroom with rings necklaces and earrings displayed on a central table surrounded by ethnic dresses in earthy colors

A cross cultural workspace to inspire cross cultural jewelry

Surrounded by her favorite things, Katy says her workshop allows her to feel free to be herself, explore and create using materials with which she feels a connection. Materials just as tickling tassels and colorful Indian crystals that we could totally devour. It may not be a setting for some of our more devilish endeavors, but it’s definitely one that more than quenches our sparkle obsession and love of moderately priced, easy to wear African and Oriental inspired jewelry.

December 20, 2021 — Sparkle & CO FZ LLC